Love, Joy, Peace...

"Hey there! Thank you for visiting our site. I'd love to see you THIS SUNDAY at Strong Faith. Every Sunday there's an encouraging message, great music, and specific content for every age group of kids. Can’t wait to see you!" - David 


Strong Faith Family Church was born in 2006 in Pastor David and Charity's living room. Seven adventurous souls sought God's heart for a new church in the Coatesville area. They wanted to help people develop a meaningful relationship with God, conquer the "me-first" lifestyle, and live out the mission of Jesus. God has now blessed us with a beautiful new building! 

P.S. There's always room for one more! 


David and Charity love Jesus, love each other, love their kids, and love people. They're excited to lead a wonderful church in fulfilling God's plan for the Coatesville area!


We call it the "Dream Team," and it really is! The Dream Team is our team of incredible volunteers who make Strong Faith Family Church happen each week. Here at Strong Faith, we believe God has given each person unique gifts in order to serve the body of Christ, and to show his love to the world. We'll help you find your gifts and discover how you can use them for God's glory!

Strong Faith Family Church
211 W Stewart Huston Dr, Coatesville, PA 19320
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